Surréaliste Poésie Archi-Moderne

Pour la première fois de ma vie j’ai lu au complet le contenu d’un message que l’on appele SPAM (Super Poche et Arriéré Message).

Et j’ai découvert qu’il ne s’agit pas d’une bête tentative mercantile de me faire vomir du cash.
Non, c’est du pure délire poétique.

Lisez plutôt :

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Scientifically accurate, yet written with an. But you don’t have to let the stiffness, pain, swelling and fatigue associated with arthritis keep you from doing what you need and love to do.
If you are taking a long car trip, plan periodic stops at rest areas.
Your joints may become stiff during a long movie. Between courses, get up and walk to the restroom or to the bar area.
« But it does seem strange that there would be whole cultures of people eating an anti-inflammatory all the time. Take clothing items that can be mixed and matched to cut down on the amount you pack in your suitcase.
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Advance preparation cuts down on morning rush. Make sure the seat is low enough that you can bend over easily to do your gardening.
Advance preparation cuts down on morning rush. Buy gardening tools with adaptive handles that are easy to grasp, or build up handles yourself by wrapping them with electrical tape, bubble wrap or foam padding. Get out of the car, stretch and have a snack.
For example, any student who has grown bacteria in a lab will know that they generally do not grow on top of one another. Hiking can be an enjoyable and leisurely form of exercise.